Winter can leave a massive mess on the exterior of your property. Your home or business can look horrible, from stains on your building to limbs and other debris after the snow has melted. Luckily Maid O’ Matic is not your standard janitorial and maids service. We go above and beyond to ensure our clients maintain the cleanliness of their properties.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washers are a lifesaver when it comes to cleaning the exterior of your property. From cleaning your concrete to your actual building or home, we have the knowledge and skill to provide complete pressure washing services to our clients. We want your home or business to look great all year long, and one way we do that is through pressure washing. Hiring a professional for your pressure washing is best, as they have the skill and equipment to pressure wash your property.

Debris Clean Up

Debris can gather inside and outside your home during the Winter months. No one wants to attempt cleaning the exterior of their property during the Winter. Snow and ice can make it difficult to clean anything. As the warmer weather hits, so does the urge to clean. Maid O’ Matic understands the need for cleanliness. We will work with our client to ensure all debris is removed from the exterior of the property.

At Maid O’ Matic, we go above and beyond by offering many services to ensure your entire property is clean. From small residential homes to large businesses, we have the equipment and skill to handle it all. If you want your property cleaned after the Winter weather, hire a professional. They will be able to clean your property while you focus on your business or family!