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20 Tips To Keep Your Bathroom Clean and Germ-Free

20 Tips To Keep Your Bathroom Clean and Germ-Free

Cleaning your bathroom may sound like a tedious task to do. But did you know that a hygienic bathroom can save you from catching many deadly diseases? Cleaning your bathroom regularly not only enhances it’s appearance but also makes it suitable and safe for you to use. Here are 20 tips that might help you better understand how to keep your bathroom clean, tidy, and germ-free. Checkout our house cleaning services albuquerque

1. Keep All Your Cleaning Equipment Together

It is necessary that you keep all your cleaning essentials like a toilet brush, cloth, mop, disinfectant, tub, etc. together before you start cleaning your bathroom as it will be helpful for you to easily find and reach out for each cleaning supply when needed.

2. Clear Out First

Before you begin cleaning make sure that you remove all the things from your bathroom shelves, and bathroom floors to be able to clean the latter. Some of these things are toothbrushes, toothpaste, face wipes, shaving foam, razors, etc.

3. Ventilate The Entire Bathroom

Good airflow is the most vital step for keeping your bathroom tidy, keep your exhaust fan on for a proper flow of air as it will help wet floors and walls dry up faster during and after cleaning.

4. Cleaning The Bowl

Before doing anything put a toilet bowl cleaner into the bowl and let it sit for some time while you proceed to other areas of cleaning. After a while start scrubbing and cleaning the bowl and flush the lather with water.

5. Dusting And Moping

Dust all surfaces with a microfiber cloth to get rid of any dirt particles. To get rid of the hair and dust on the floor, follow up with a sweeping session.

6. Shining The Tub And Shower

It might be a bit tedious to scrub the tub and shower using a tough lime hard water stain remover and cleaning rigorously might help to get rid of all the stains and soap scum.

7. Scrubbing The Tiles And Grout

Now it's time for you to get rid of all the stains on your tiles and grout. Use baking soda or a well-known tile cleaner and give the grout and the tile a nice scrub. You will get rid of the stains in no time and your tiles and grout will shine bright.

8. Wiping The Shelves

To clean the shelves where you store all your daily bathroom essentials you need to take a damp cloth and start wiping each shelf one by one. In case there are any stubborn stains.

9. Don’t Forget The Mirror

Get a glass cleaner for your mirrors and spray it on the mirror, then use a clean microfiber cloth and gently wipe the mirror, remember not to scrub the mirror aggressively or you will end up scratching the glass.

10. Exhaust Fans Need Cleaning Too

In your bathroom ventilators, the exhaust fans attract a lot of dirt and dust so make sure that you dust the fan blades and motor. Keeping your bathroom fan clean and hygienic is a must as the collection of dirt and debris will jam the fan motor.

11. Remember To Wash The Bathmat And Curtains

Wash the bathmat and curtains regularly to avoid odour and keep them refreshed also keep an extra pair of both to use interchangeably.

12. Make It Smell Like Flowers

Drains are the outflow for all the soap water and lather always clean the drain pipes and use choke oils when necessary to avoid the drain from getting choked.

13. Throw Away The Trash

It is very crucial for you to dispose of all the trash like used toilet paper, coiled-up hair, etc. empty the trash bin to avoid spreading germs and Odor.

14. Keep An Eye Out For Leaks

Always check if there are any leakage points in the shower pipes and taps. Look for metal corrosion. Getting repairs and fixes timely ensures the longevity of your bathroom.

15. Make A Cleaning Schedule

Develop a weekly cleaning routine and make sure that you follow the routine and keep your bathroom clean and tidy like it’s brand new.

Your bathroom hygiene plays a vital role in keeping you healthy and immune to deadly diseases.

These are the most essential tips that will help you keep your bathroom neat and clean make sure to follow these tips and maintain a cleaning routine.