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Having a nice and clean living space is very important. Coming home to a clean apartment after a long and hard day is very relaxing and helps to regain your energy. If you are looking for professional cleaning services in Albuquerque with the best services, look no further. Maid-O-Matic is here to clean your apartment for you so that you don’t feel guilty about it. Having a clean apartment is not just hygienic but it also improves the living standards. But nowadays with such a busy schedule who has time to clean every nook and corner of the house? That is why hire Maid-O-Matic and you don’t have to think about cleaning your apartment because we provide the best cleaning services in Albuquerque.

Types of Cleaning Services We Provide
Regular Cleaning

If you can’t bear to see any dirt or grime in your apartment but have no time to clean it properly, hire Maid-O-Matic to do the job for you. You can hire our services for regular cleaning like every few days a week or just one day every week or month as per your preferences.

Occasional Cleaning

Maid-O-Matic provides professional cleaning for any occasions that might be coming. If you are hosting for some occasion and want to get your apartment before and after the party, Maid-O-Matic is here to lessen your burden. Our cleaners will come to your house to deep clean every place and make it clean and organized like before.

Deep Cleaning Services

Surface cleaning makes your apartment look cleaner, but your apartment does need a deep clean every now and then. We know deep cleaning the apartment is time time-consuming process and that is where Maid-O-Matic shines. We will come and deep clean every corner of your house, and we will make sure that every place is cleaned and taken care of as it should be.

Why Maid-O-Matic?
Professional Cleaners

Maid-O-Matic has a team of professional cleaners who are not just good at their jobs but experienced as well. Our team is quick and efficient and gets the job done. With Maid-O-Matic as your apartment cleaner, your apartment will remain clean and shiny. We clean even the places that normally get ignored and collect all the dirt and grime. Maid-O-Matic understands the importance of time when it comes to cleaning which is why our team will get the job done quickly but efficiently.

Green Cleaning

Maid-O-Matic believes in eco-friendly products. We avid products which can harm the environment. Maid-O-Matic also provides services for houses with children, which need cleaning with minimal cleaning so that babies inhale no harmful fumes from the cleaning products. So for all those green households who contribute toward the environment and do not want anything with chemicals or products that harm the earth, don’t worry.

Flexible Cleaning Solutions

Maid-O-Matic knows that it can be difficult to find time from your schedule to hire even the cleaning services at a particular time that is why Maid-O-Matic offers flexible timings for your apartment cleaning. Our cleaners will adjust their timings according to your schedule because we believe that everybody deserves to live in a clean and hygienic place.

Personalized Cleaning

With Maid-O-Matic you get personalized cleaning services. We know that every household is unique and therefore has different cleaning needs. That is why we customize our cleaning plan according to your needs and requirements. If you want our cleaners will even inspect, you’re your apartment to see what places need the most. They are exerted and experienced so they can even suggest what places need deep cleaning and what places need just surface cleaning.


Letting somebody inside your apartment needs trust. At Maid-O-Matic, all our staff members are trustworthy. You could even leave your apartment in our cleaners’ hands while you are outside. They will take extreme care of your property and will be super respectful because, at Maid-O-Matic, we strive to give you the best customer satisfaction.

Competitive Prices

Maid-O-Matic believes in value for your money and that is why we believe in competitive prices. Our prices are pretty reasonable because cleaning is essential, and it should be affordable. Our prices are transparent as well. We charge what we quote. There are no hidden charges when you hire. So, you are getting quality cleaning services at affordable prices.

Experience top-notch cleaning services with Maid-O-Matic. We are experienced and have been in this industry for quite some time, so we have earned the reputation of providing the best cleaning services in Albuquerque. Our team loves their job, and they are well trained for any challenge. No matter how dirty the place is our team will get it all cleaned. With us as your cleaning partner, you won’t have to work with us, we will work around your busy schedule.

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