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The Only Holiday Cleaning Manual You Need!

The holidays are around the corner, and each and every one of us is excited for celebrations, get-togethers, gifts, and feasts. There’s a lot of work to be done, from planning decorations to home renovations. Baking cakes and cookies to ginger wine, but among these chores do not forget the most vital task, which is a comprehensive holiday cleaning of your house. Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, with sparkling lights, and beautiful decorations with puppets and props, a brilliantly cleaned home can be a cherry on the cake to your Christmas decorations. This manual is the final guide to a detailed holiday cleaning process, which will enhance your and your family’s holiday experience and make your home look like a gleaming dream.

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Importance Of Holiday Cleaning

A clean living space appears welcoming to your family and friends. A hygienic and spotless house enhances the ambiance, enriches the celebration experience, and awakens the spirit of merry. Your loved ones, make your Christmas memorable and enjoyable, so it is important for us, to keep our place hygienic and glowing to make them feel safe, comfortable, and at home. Nobody wants to fall sick due to dirt and an unhygienic indoor environment, so prioritizing cleaning your house during the holidays is a must for you. By cleaning your house in advance, you get relieved of the pressure of cleaning in the last moments before your guests arrive. A clean living space emits positive energy and a healthy environment for you and your loved ones.

Things To Do Before Cleaning

It is best to start cleaning as soon as possible, to save time to check mark other important holiday tasks. There are a few necessary things that you should do before getting on with the cleaning process.

  • Check and analyze the areas that are full of dust, debris, and stains.

  • Gather a cleaning kit, for instance; a vacuum cleaner, wiping cloth, brush, mops, cleaning agents, etc.

  • Make a schedule of when to clean a certain room, for example: the kitchen or bathrooms.

  • Cover your face with a mask before dusting the areas full of debris and dust, this helps prevent dust from entering your lungs and causing infections.

  • Also cover your belongings, such as your laptop/computer, T.V., oven, gas stove, etc before cleaning to avoid settling of dust, debris, and particles on their surface or heat vents.

  • Arrange all the things in the place where they belong, such as your jacket lying around on the bed. This will speed up the cleaning process and everything will look organized.

The Cleaning Process


Your holiday cleaning should always start from the kitchen. This is because the usage of your kitchen space will increase during holidays, as you will be preparing meals, baking cakes and cookies, etc. for your guests. A clean and hygienic kitchen promotes a healthy and safe environment for you to cook and serve meals that are suitable for consumption.

  • Thoroughly wipe all the surfaces, countertops, kitchen appliances, and your stovetop, double-checking for grease stains. Gleaming countertops give the appeal of a clean kitchen.

  • Find a top-rated cleaning agent in an e-commerce store or in the market, best suited for your cleaning requirements.

  • Deep-clean the oven, fridge, and freezer, and get rid of all the burn stains inside the oven.

  • Dust each and every surface inside your kitchen, such as oven vents, stove, fridge top, etc.

  • Clean all the dirty dishes in the sink and clean the forks, spoons, and spatulas rigorously.

  • Get rid of items that have surpassed their expiry dates.

  • Wash and dry all hand towels, aprons, potholders, and dish clothes, ensuring their availability for usage during holidays.

  • Rub and condition your cutting board and knives.

  • Dispose the trash.

  • Empty the dishwasher.

  • Vacuum and mop the kitchen floor for removal of dust and stains.

  • Polish the sink, platform, and cupboards to restore their glow.

  • Organize everything, in place once you are done cleaning all the kitchen appliances, dishes, and cutleries.


Cleaning this space is the most important task to do. The bathroom is that area in your house that compromises more than 80% of the germs and bacteria compared to other rooms and spaces. A clean and glowing bathroom promotes good hygiene and prevents you from the attack of microorganisms that spread disease. Everybody wants to use a washroom that is odor-free and hygienic. A well-maintained and odor-free bathroom will make your guests feel safe.

  • Use a water repellent on the shower door/curtain to reduce accumulation of soap scum and residue buildup.

  • Clean mirrors with a reliable glass cleaner to remove water spots and smudges.

  • Declutter the shelves, and remove all the contents like shaving gel, toothbrushes, razors, etc. to clean each shelf thoroughly.

  • Wipe down countertops and the sink.

  • Replace all the used and dirty towels and bathroom curtains with new and fresh ones.

  • Clean the toilet with a toilet cleaner and brush, remember to use a choke oil to prevent choking and flush out all the dirt.

  • Comprehensively rub the tub and shower with a cloth and a cleaning agent.

  • Check for leaks and anything that may be broken.

  • Provide extra toiletries, soaps, toothbrushes, etc for your guests, in case they forget anything.

  • Mop and clean the tiles and grouts, to restore clean and glowing bathroom floors.

  • Deodorize to make your bathroom smell good and odor-free.

Bedrooms/Guest Rooms

Your bedroom is your personal resting space, the cleanliness of this space is very significant to promote a healthy environment and a sound sleep for you and your guests, during holidays. A well-organized and dirt-free bedroom will not only look good but will make your guests feel comfortable, and at home.

  • Fluff pillows and neatly arrange the blankets.

  • Make the bed and provide fresh sheets and pillows for your guests.

  • Provide face wipes, clean towels, water bottles, and a few candies, dry fruits, nuts, etc.

  • Remove unnecessary objects and put everything in place to make your bedroom appear clean and organized.

  • Make sure that the floor or mat is dust and stain-free.

  • Check and wipe all electronic items such as lamps, heater vents, etc. are working properly.

Living Room

The common area, or the space where you and your guests enjoy a nice conversation or a flashback of the best memories and stories of your life with each other. The sofa, the floor, a TV, and a gathering of your loved ones make up an ideal living room. Having a dirt and debris-free living room is bliss. It makes your common space look more appealing. Your Christmas tree and glowing decorations, blend well with a clean and hygienic living room.

  • Gather a carpet cleaner, to get rid of the debris sitting on the surface of your carpets.

  • Clean the couch and table thoroughly and make sure that they are spotless and odor-free.

  • Wipe the T.V. with a suitable cleaner to get rid of the dust and smudges sitting on the screen itself.

  • Make sure that no particles of the decoratives are lying around on the floor.

  • In case you have a wooden floor dust and mop the surface followed by polishing.

Outdoor Area

The exterior of your house is the first impression of your living space. A well-maintained and clean exterior give a sense of a fresh and beautiful appearance. Before decorating the outdoor area of your home, it is necessary to clean certain areas to make sure that they appear dirt-free and gleaming.

  • Chop down, the weeds and tall grass from the front yard or garden area of your house.

  • Wipe the windows with a good quality cleaner and micro-fiber cloth, to make sure the glass stays smudge-free and clear.

  • Clean the doors and the floors of the entrance of your residence to make your guests feel more welcoming.

  • Wash the front yard and get rid of litter or any extra items.

Extra Tip for Holiday Cleaning

In case you are unable to carry out the cleaning task, it is best to hire professional cleaning services such as Maid O’ Matic, who will take care of the cleanliness and hygiene of your residence. Professional cleaners possess the necessary skills, experience, and equipment that make cleaning faster, easier, and with guaranteed results. Let the professional cleaners take care of the cleaning chores, while you can focus on other important tasks to be carried out for the holidays.

A clean house will enhance the holiday experience for you and your loved ones, rejoice in the spirit of celebration. It is the most wonderful time of the year, make your house look fresh and glowing, to keep the spirit of Christmas alive. Dirt should not be in the way of your celebrations, talk to a trusted and reliable professional cleaning company and let them perform their magic to restore the gleam of your living space.