ClickCease Why Trust Or Choose A Company Over An Individual Housekeeper?

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Why Trust Or Choose A Company Over An Individual Housekeeper?

When it comes to cleaning your home or business, we know you want the very best. You are trusting someone to enter your home or business and touch your valuables while you may not be present. We know you want a company you can trust on your property. With Maid O’ Matic, you have a certified and insured company that only hires the best. Is it best to choose a company over an individual housekeeper? While there are a lot of opinions on the matter, it comes down to preference.

Cleaning Companies

Cleaning companies are more trustworthy overall. They are insured and licensed and have a reputation to keep. With that in mind, they only hire people they can trust with their business’s name. Cleaning companies have strict guidelines they must follow when cleaning one’s home or business. They are safe, courteous, and trustworthy. This is the reason alone to hire a cleaning company over an individual. Individuals are also not insured, meaning if something breaks, you may not receive any reimbursement.

Individual Housekeepers

As we mentioned above, most individual housekeepers are not insured. They do not have any guidelines or protocols to follow on your property. If you are hiring a person on a site, you are risking a chance of allowing an untrustworthy person on your property. This is especially scary if you will not be home when the housekeeper is inside your home.

It is important to figure out what is best for you and your situation, but most times, it is best to hire a cleaning company for all your cleaning needs. Your property and you will be protected, and you will have peace of mind if you are not home when they are cleaning your property!